Welcome To Target Precision Custom Mold Bases
Founded in 1993, Target Precision is a manufacturer of custom mold bases. Customers that wish to dedicate their own resources to core and cavity manufacturing count on Target to provide a quality custom mold base to which they can install their own components with the confidence that they will perform to their expectations.

The founders of Target Precision have more than 45 years of combined experience in building complete molds, dies and machine parts, and all are journeyman toolmakers. The high-level skills and commitment to quality they developed as toolmakers now transition to the building of custom mold bases for the industry that gave Target Precision its start.

In the rapidly changing market of injection mold making, the increasing demands of quicker lead times and providing a zero defect product is not only strived for, but is insisted upon from customers. Target Precision provides a top quality custom mold base that will meet or exceed the expectations of the most discriminating mold builder, with on time delivery to allow the mold builder to quote faster lead times and become more competitive.

A Target mold base is completely machined to customer specifications and ready for assembly when it is shipped. Mold builders rely on the consistent quality and on time delivery of a Target mold base, giving them the security they need, knowing that they can make their scheduled delivery with a quality product.

A Target Precision Mold Base can be machined, but not limited to, DME mold base standards, or Hasco mold base standards.